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HP Jet Fusion 580 Colour 3D Printer

The most compact printer HP offers, the HP JF 580 combines engineering grade strength with full CMYK colour. Perfect for engineering firms who want attractive prototypes or manufacturing companies looking to consolidate 10+ FDM printers.

Markforged Metal X

A complete solution, Metal X has everything you need to go from design to fully functional metal parts — the Metal X 3D print system is an end-to-end manufacturing solution. The Metal X is up to 10x less expensive than alternative metal additive manufacturing technologies — and up to 100x less than traditional fabrication technologies like machining or casting.

Get products to market faster

Why limit your ability to generate revenue with long product development cycles?
Reduce wait time significantly by prototyping metal parts in house. Then as you scale production print metal tooling, jigs, and fixtures, in house to speed production.

Reduce Manufacturing Costs

Why spend extra money on inflexible manufacturing processes?
Metal 3D printing increases your manufacturing flexibility. Go straight from CAD to production. Print parts without CAM. In the same week print custom tooling, replacement parts, and resolve an unplanned downtime. Print directly from CAD, no drawings required.

Replace inefficient manufacturing workflows

Why commit time and labor to accomplish tasks that are poorly optimized?
Free up your skilled labor to by printing low volume parts. This provides more time for your machinists and specialists to spend improving high volume part production.


How it Works



Metal X

Affordable, reliable, and easy to use, the Metal X print system gives you everything you need to go from design to fully functional metal parts faster than ever before. Up to 10x less expensive than other metal additive manufacturing technologies — and up to 100x less than traditional fabrication technologies like machining or casting. Print parts up to 9.8 x 7.2 x 5.9 in.

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The first step in transforming a printed “green” part into fully dense metal is debinding. The Wash-1 immerses the green part ina specialized fluid which dissolves the primary binding material, leaving the part semi-porous so the remaining binder can easilyburn off during sintering. This debinding step purifies the final metal part and helps keep your sintering furnace clean.

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With an expansive active hot zone (19,644 cm3 / 1,199 in3), the Sinter-2 is the perfect solution for mid-volume batch productionand for larger parts. Create high-purity metal parts by using sintering technology built with a carbon-free retort.

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Real World Use Cases and Results

Prototype Metal Parts

Shukla Medical

Using 17-4 PH Stainless Steel, Shukla Medical is able to prototype in the same material as many of their final products. They now utilize their composite 3D printer for initial prototypes, and then the Metal X system for the final prototype that goes into the hands of surgeons for evaluation.


  • Saved $10,000 per month.
  • 430 days saved.
  • Achieved ROI in 1 year
Replacement Metal Parts

Stanley Black & Decker

The original actuator housing consisted of four parts - a cast and machined main housing, lasercut cover plate, and two bolts to fasten the housing assembly together. Stanley Infrastructure engineers worked with Markforged to redesign the part for printing on the Metal X. Instead of a four part assembly, the redesigned part prints in one piece without support material, saving manufacturing and engineering time.


  • Saved 92% on single component fabrication
  • Saved 95% time on single component fabrication
Special Cutting Tools

Guhring UK

The first 3D printed tool Guhring UK made was a basic milling cutter using H13 Tool Steel. “Within one day, we had designed and printed a tool in Onyx, and we could immediately see if we were going to come up against any problems in manufacturing it. Within five days, we had printed and sintered a fully functional metal cutter body."


  • 66% time saved in production
  • 75% cost savings
  • 60% weight reduction


Metal 3D Filaments

NEW - Copper

Copper is a soft, ductile metal that is known for its high thermal and electrical conductivity. It is commonly used in welding processes, heat sinks, and in electrical applications.

Applications: Heat Sinks, Bus Bars, Weld Shanks

17-4 PH Stainless Steel

17-4 PH Stainless Steel is a hard, stiff, and corrosion-resistant stainless steel. It excels in manufacturing environments and for low-volume parts.

Applications: Low-Volume Production, Replacement Parts, Complex Geometries, and Corrosion-Resistant Parts.

Inconel 625

Parts printed in Inconel 625 are significantly easier to produce than with traditional manufacturing methods, allowing you to easily create functional prototypes and end-use parts for harsh environments. Inconel 625 is corrosion resistant, non-magnetic, stable under high temperatures (up to 1000C), and has high ductility.

Applications: Marine, Chemical Processing, Aerospace, and Power Processing end use parts.

H13 Tool Steel

H13 Tool Steel works excellently in high temperature and can withstand drastic cooling. This, coupled with abrasion resistance and machinability, makes it ideal for high-temperature tooling and wear-resistance pieces.

Applications: Forming Tooling, Wear-Resistant Inserts, Dies and Punches, and High Temperature Tooling.

A2 Tool Steel

A2 Tool Steel is a highly versatile air-hardening tool steel often regarded as a “universal” cold-work steel. It offers a combination of good wear resistance (between O1 and D2) and toughness.

Applications: Sheet Metal Fabrication, Forming Prototypes, Punches, and Dies.

D2 Tool Steel

D2 Tool Steel offers excellent wear resistance and is widely used in cold-work applications that require high compressive strength, sharp edges, and abrasion resistance.

Applications: Sheet Metal Fabrication, Punches and Dies, Shearing Tools, and Wear-Resistant Inserts.

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