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Desktop Composite 3D Printing

Print composite parts as strong as aluminum on our top-of-the-line desktop machine. The desktop series combines Markforged’s unique continuous carbon fiber reinforcement with workhorse reliability for the strongest, most versatile parts. As an industrial 3D printer in a desktop form factor, these printers deliver high-performance parts straight off the print bed.

Get products to market faster

Why limit your ability to generate revenue with long product dvelopment cycles?
Reduce wait time significantly by prototyping metal parts in house. Then as you scale production print metal tooling, jigs, and fixtures, in house to speed production.

Achieve ROI in a matter of months

How often do you find capital equipment that pays for intself in less than 6 months?
Markforged desktop printers offer the benefits of continuous fiber printing at an easy to justify price point. Make the Onyx Pro or Mark Two your first 3D printer for manufacturing applications.

Reduce manufacturing costs

Why spend extra money on inflexible manufacturing processes?
Metal 3D printing increases your manufacturing flexibility. Go straight from CAD to production. Print parts without CAM. In the same week print custom tooling, replacement parts, and resolve an unplanned downtime. Print directly from CAD, no drawings required.


Markforged 3D Printers in Action


Markforged Industrial Printers

Mark Two

Replace machined aluminum tooling—jigs, jaws, and fixtures—with stronger parts for a fraction of the price. The Mark Two combines our unique continuous carbon fiber reinforcement with workhorse reliability for versatile parts with 26x the strength of ABS, ready same-day for use straight off the printer.

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Onyx Pro

The Onyx Pro features our unique continuous fiber reinforcement at an affordable price. Built on a durable chassis with precision components, the Onyx Pro prints fiberglass-reinforced thermoplastic parts that are 10x as strong as traditional printing plastics.

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Onyx One

Built on the same platform as our award-winning Mark Two, the Onyx One is designed from the ground up for quality and reliability in a form factor that fits on your desktop. Onyx parts are twice as strong as conventional printing plastics.

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Real World Use Cases and Results

CMM Fixtures

JJ Churchill Ltd

In order for aircraft to fly true, JJ Churchill (JJC) meticulously inspectsevery blade of its jet engine turbines. Their coordinate measurementmachine (CMM) fixtures must maintain tight tolerances and deflectminimally in order to ensure a high level of accuracy. Markforged’s Onyxwith continuous carbon fiber reinforcement is the only material that mettheir requirements of strength and stiffness at an affordable price.


  • Reduced Cost - $1590 to $330
  • Reduced Production Time - 10 to 3 Days
  • Reduced chance of marring part during inspection.
Welding Fixtures

SDHQ Off-Road

Markforged enabled SDHQ Off-Road to expedite their research and design(R&D) process for developing custom off-roading truck racks that secure critical equipment. Fixtures no longer need to be crafted by hand,and can actually be designed to more effectively secure the parts that need to be welded. Furthermore, Onyx resists corrosion and he can easily reprint fixtures if they fail.


  • Saved $790 per fixture
  • Printed the parts in 12 hours, down from 156 hours to manually manufacture


Markforged Plastics


Nylon mixed with chopped carbon fiber offers a high-strength thermoplastic with excellent heat resistance, surface finish, and chemical resistance. Onyx has an HDT of 145° C (293° F).

Applications: Tooling, Fixtures, End Use Parts

Nylon White

Nylon White parts are smooth, non-abrasive, and easily painted. They canbe reinforced with any continuous fiber and work best for non-marring workholding, repeated handling, and cosmetic parts.

Applications: Cosmetic Parts


Markforged Continuous Fibers


Use fiberglass composite material to print parts that are an order of magnitude stiffer than typical 3D printed objects at the most affordable price.

Applications: Functional Prototypes, Jigs, Fixtures, End Use Parts

Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber material is strong enough to replace aluminum at half the weight; use it when you want superior stiffness and minimal deflection.

Applications: Robotic Arms, Forming Tools, Inpsection Fixtures, End Use Parts

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Compatible Printers:
Mark Two


Kevlar is best utilized in parts that will take a beating. Its low density and high durability make it a great option for applications involving a lot of motion or interfacing with production parts.

Applications: End Effectors, Soft Jaws, Cradles, End Use Parts

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Compatible Printers:
Mark Two

HSHT Fiberglass

With superior heat resistance and a flexural strength that is second only to carbon fiber, HSHT fiberglass is ideal for applications requiring high heat and impact resistance or high elasticity.

Applications: Welding Fixtures, Thermoforms, Thermoset Molds, Mold Inserts

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Compatible Printers:
Mark Two

Tooling & Fixtures Applications Whitepaper

See if some of the most popular tooling and fixtures applications can be applied at your facility.

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