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PostPro3D Surface Finishing

Patented post-processing solution for smoothing thermoplastic polymer parts to a finish matching injection molding. Compatible with over 100 materials in parts printed using Laser Sintering, HP Multi Jet Fusion, High Speed Sintering, or Fused Deposition Modelling technology. System variations include the flagship PostPro3D machine, the smaller, more compact PostPro3D Mini, and the advanced, industrial PostPro3D Pro.

Injection Molded Surface Finish

Are rough surfaces preventing you from 3D printing some applications?
PostPro3D® achieves for the first time a surface finish that matches injection molding techniques by using a series of predefined parameters. PostPro3D® can achieve a surface finish with an RA of less than 1 micron. Colours on the HP Jet Fusion 580 will be made more vibrant by removing the top layer of the part.


Can you handle high volume demands?
PostPro3D® technology is an automated turnkey solution, which can be easily integrated into the digital workflow. This allows part surface finishing at the cost and speed competitive for high volume production. It has been fully tested for a wide range of consumer products, ranging from sportswear to medical applications, and automotive to aerospace.

Improved Part Quality

Did you know smoothing your 3d parts can improve mechanical properties?
The PostPro3D® machine is the only technology that smooths and seals the surface of additive manufactured parts while also improving the mechanical properties. Increase the elongation at break of your parts with smooth surfaces. These improvements can open brand new market opportunities for your HP Jet Fusion machine.




The patented PostPro3D® technology is an automated post processing solution for smoothing thermoplastic polymer 3D parts. PostPro3D® achieves an injection molded surface quality on parts printed using Laser Sintering, HP Multi Jet Fusion, High Speed Sintering, or Fused Deposition Modelling technology.  

PostPro3D® is an enabling technology based on AMT’s proprietary BLAST™ process (Boundary Layer Automated Smoothing Technology) and reduces lead-time, cost of manufacture, operational and maintenance costs providing the ‘missing piece’ in the digital manufacturing chain.

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PostPro3D Mini

The patented PostPro3D Mini offers all the advantages of the PostPro3D machine, but in a more compact unit for smaller production runs, STEM programs and design studios.

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PostPro3D Pro

AMT’s de-powdering systems revolutionizes part cleaning for powder-based additive manufacturing machines. A gentle automatic cleaning process of large batches of components that save hours of manual blasting labor time. System variations include the standard, economical PostProDP, and the industrial, advanced – PostProDP PRO.