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Industrial Composite 3D Printing

Industrial grade large-format printers deliver exceptional accuracy, reliability and repeatability. Markforged industrial 3D printers are the go-to solution for manufacturing tooling. Save time and money printing tools previously machined out of aluminum.

Outperform Aluminum

Why use aluminum when you can use Onyx with continuous carbon fiber?
Continuous carbon fiber parts stand up to the toughest applications.  Stronger than 6061 Aluminum and 40% lighter, these parts are perfect for manufacturing equipment, jaws, tooling, and end-use parts.

50x Faster, 20x Cheaper

Would saving thousands of dollars and shaving multiple days of production setup be useful to your company?
Directly replace machined aluminum with parts straight off the X7 industrial 3D printer. Parts printed with Onyx and reinforced with carbon fiber filament, fiberglass, or Kevlar® are work-capable and ready the same day for a fraction of the cost.

Reliable, Accurate, Repeatable Prints

Can you rely on the parts coming off your current printer day after day?
The Markforged Industrial printers are built to print 24/7 and produce highly accurate, highly consistent parts. Automatic laser leveling means you can print almost immediately after your current print finishes.


How it Works


Markforged Industrial Printers


The X7 prints industrial-grade manufacturing jigs, jaws, tools, fixtures, and end-use parts. Designed from the ground up to survive the production floor environment and capable of printing parts stronger than machined aluminum for a fraction of the cost, the X7 delivers unparalleled surface finish, build size, and reliability. Accelerate part production with Turbo Print, our fastest print mode — only available on the X7.

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The X3 prints strictly engineering-grade plastic parts. It leverages the incredible material qualities of Onyx—twice the strength and stiffness of standard printing plastics—with an advanced sensor suite to deliver unparalleled reliability. Parts meet tight tolerances with beautiful surface finish and are perfect for production line equipment.

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Real World Use Cases and Results

Cable Harness

Rent the Sky Films - Cable Harness

Rent the Sky Films prints custom cable adapters for a 15 lb, handheld 3D camera that replaces conventional 100 lb rigs. These adapters consolidate cabling to a single interface point, making the camera simpler and easier to operate. Rent the Sky Films founder Scott Ferril describes this part as “the difference between getting the shots you want vs. the shots you have time for.”


  • Reduced Cost - 16x cheaper
  • Reduced Production Time - 15x faster
  • 3 times lighter than the machined part replaced
Forming Tools

Centerline Engineering Solutions

Centerline Engineered Solutions fabricates formed steel parts with an industrial press brake. In order to fabricate each part, Centerline has to make a unique punch and die. For many applications, the cost of this specialized tooling does not justify the expense of the part. By printing the tooling out of Onyx and reinforcing critical points with steel inserts, Centerline creates forming tooling at a vastly lower cost.


  • Saved +$1000 dollars per tool
  • Parts in hand next day


Markforged Plastics


Nylon mixed with chopped carbon fiber offers a high-strength thermoplastic with excellent heat resistance, surface finish, and chemical resistance. Onyx has an HDT of 145° C (293° F).

Applications: Tooling, Fixtures, End Use Parts

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Onxy FR

Onyx FR should be used to print parts that need high-strength, low-weight, and flame-retardant properties. Reinforce Onyx FR with continuous carbon fiber to be as strong as 6061 aluminum at half the weight.

Applications: Aerospace Parts, Automotive Parts, Electrical Housings

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Nylon White

Nylon White parts are smooth, non-abrasive, and easily painted. They canbe reinforced with any continuous fiber and work best for non-marring workholding, repeated handling, and cosmetic parts.

Applications: Cosmetic Parts

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Markforged Continuous Fibers


Use fiberglass composite material to print parts that are an order of magnitude stiffer than typical 3D printed objects at the most affordable price.

Applications: Functional Prototypes, Jigs, Fixtures, End Use Parts

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Carbon Fiber

Carbon fiber material is strong enough to replace aluminum at half the weight; use it when you want superior stiffness and minimal deflection.

Applications: Robotic Arms, Forming Tools, Inpsection Fixtures, End Use Parts

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Kevlar is best utilized in parts that will take a beating. Its low density and high durability make it a great option for applications involving a lot of motion or interfacing with production parts.

Applications: End Effectors, Soft Jaws, Cradles, End Use Parts

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HSHT Fiberglass

With superior heat resistance and a flexural strength that is second only to carbon fiber, HSHT fiberglass is ideal for applications requiring high heat and impact resistance or high elasticity.

Applications: Welding Fixtures, Thermoforms, Thermoset Molds, Mold Inserts

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